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    Embichadero is a Latin American music duo. An experimental ensemble about traditional and contemporary music. Who compose his own music and plays pieces made by the most known Latin American composers.

    The project has a colourfull repertoire, based on the sounds of percussion and winds adding the voices of both interpreters and several ¨ alternative ¨ sources like whistling and body percussion.

    Embichadero aims at giving Latin American music an innovative vission and creating innovattive music with a Latin American vission.

    Both musicians converge in this project to find a common and symbiotic language, directly linked with sound exploration and ludic a development of musical elements.

    Some History:

    EMBICHADERO originated in Buenos Aires Argentina after Diego Cortez (flute) earned a degree in Academic and Popular Music at the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza, Argentina) and moved to Buenos Aires where he performed extensively and met the percussionist Jonatan Szer. The first time they shared a stage, the musical connection was mutual, therefore Diego invited Jonatan to participate in his first solo material presentation, “Vientito Criollo”. While preparing for this presentation both realized the potential that was hidden in the unusual combination of these two instruments (flute and percussion), which have allowed the musicians to explore new sounds. By the beginning of 2012 EMBICHADERO was formed and started to work on what has become an extensive and vary repertoire in which Diego and Jonatan not only participate as instrumentalist, but also sing.

    EMBICHADERO performs actively in Buenos Aires and has also toured within the country supported by the Secretaría de Cultura de la República Argentina (Argentinian Department of Cultural affairs). While touring the country the duo offered a workshop called “Latin American Rythms for Melodic instruments ” in numerous prestigious institutions such as, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo (Mendoza), Camping musical Bariloche (Río Negro), Conservatorio Félix Garzón (Córdoba) and Escuela de Artes de Monteros (Tucumán).

    In 2014 they released their first album Latente and since then they have two European Tours with the support of the Argentinian government including countries as Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Czeck Republic.

    In the first part of 2017, Embichadero Produces and record his second album called DONDEIR which was created during an Artistic Residence in thr MUSIBERIA Center for Iberic Music Studies, in Alentejo, Portugal and it counts with the colaboration of Katerina Ldokova (Belarus) And Gabriel Grossi (Brasil).


    ¨.. Más allá de lo estrictamente musical, los integrantes de EMBICHADERO se posicionan de modo tal de modificar la materia, la cosa, llevándola hasta los límites de sus potencialidades. Encuentran posibilidades novedosas en el instrumento, lo manipula de modo tal que emita sonidos que, hasta ése momento, no había emitido.

    Desde ya, que las condiciones de la materia implican límites a lo que a esa materia se le puede sacar (por dar un ejemplo, uno con un pedazo de madera no puede hacer cualquier cosa, la madera tiene ciertas determinaciones que implican límites a aquello que se pueda hacer de ella; por ejemplo, si se le prende fuego, la madera se quema).

    Los límites de la materia implican entonces también su "esencia". Sin embargo, que la materia tenga límites no implica que esos límites ya se hayan descubierto . Ellos empujan el límite de los instrumentos: es decir, los exploran a punto tal de sacarles algo que antes no parecía estar en ellos, y de esta manera descubren la esencia de eso, del instrumento, de la materia... ¨

    Darío Charaf
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    Jonatan Szer Jonatan Szer

    Jonatan Szer

    Jonatan Szer was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 31st March 1985 and begins his musical approach when he was 8 years old.

    Since his 10 he starts attending percussion lessons, interested in experimenting with different styles and languages, with specialized teachers such as, for example, Huber Reyes (Perú), Jorge Lima (Brasil), Ariel Pérez (Cuba).

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    Diego Cortez Diego Cortez

    Diego Cortez

    Born January 14th 1986 in Villa Cura Brochero, Córdoba Province, Argentina.

    Diego Cortez comes from a family of singers and poets.

    At the age of 11 he becomes part of the cast of the theatre character "Doña Jovita" playing the role of "singer grandson". Months later he starts playing the flute and quena on stage.

    During those years he meets Lars Nilsson, flute teacher and founder of the Latin American music group “Markama” with whom he starts taking private lessons.

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  • Jonatan Szer

    (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    Born in 1985, and started his approximation to music when he was 8 years old.

    He has been studying the styles and lenguages from many different cultures by traveling, meeting and playing with local musicians. He has also studied with teachers from many differents countries, working with the traditional instrumentation and with a Set aprouch. He used this research as a platform for the creation of an original sound identity and a universalist language, leaving no strings attached with any genre.

    Today he is playing in many different projects as an independent artist inside and outside Argentina. He has recorded in more than 50 albums from the most diverse styles.

    As a teacher, he taught lots of workshops and seminaries about Latin American Music and Rythmic Tools for Musicians, in institutions as Codarts (Netherlands), University of Chicago (USA), University of Ohio (USA), Strägnas Kultursola (Sweden) and other countries like Spain, France and Portugal.

    In Argentina he has taught his seminaries in many conservatories and institutions sponsored by the National Culture Ministry.

    He is the creator of the chair ¨ Percussion for the Music Educator ¨ in the MORÓN conservatory. A subject focused on the pedagogic tools that percussion can give and his application in the classroom.

  • Diego Cortez

    (Córdoba - Argentina)

    Flutist, singer. Starts his music career with 12 years old. From his early age he develops as an actor in a theatre company traveling through all Argentina. During his theatre experience, starts playing wind instruments and singing.

    After studying flute with the Swedish flutist Lars Nilsson, he graduates at Cuyo University Mendoza, achiving two degrees:

    • - Latin American Music Bachelor in Wind instruments.
    • - Music Bachelor in Flute: Classical music.

    During this this period he studies with very well know musicians and starts a profound investigation on interpretation and the role of the flute in the Latin American music.

    In 2012 he released his first solo album Vientito Criollo, after a prize given by the Fondo Nacional de la Artes.

    In 2015 he produced the album "Córdoba al Oeste " with compositions of the poet Ramon Amaury Cortez .

    In 2016 he attends an artistic residence in Musiberia, Serpa, Portugal where he records his second solo album Luna de Pueblo with his own compositions.

    Since September 2012 he is the flute professor on the Bachelor of Popular Music in Villa María National University, Cordoba Province.

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